WalliPad Low Profile Charging Locker


The WalliPad secure charging cabinet is a low profile charging and storage solution.

The WalliPad secure tablet charging storage locker houses up to 8 iPad or tablets (up to 11 inch screen) and comes with an integrated 8 port Industrial USB hub. Designed for convenience you can use your tablets’ original existing power cords for quick setup and multi-device use.

The low-profile design allows the WalliPad to be wall mounted in almost any setting requiring a minimal amount of space. Complying with medical standards this is a perfect solution for storing iPads and Galaxy tablets at hospitals and clinics.

The WalliPad is made of highly durable lightweight materials and is well ventilated to protect all your devices from overheating and allows for continuous WI-FI connectivity.

**Integrated with high end 8 Port Industrial USB Charging Hub.

Product Dimensions
Height: 36 inches (91cm)
Width: 16.5 inches (42cm)
Depth: 4 inches (10cm)