Ultimate Tablet Floor Stand - Lockable | Brandable

Turn an iPad or Galaxy tablet into a professional kiosk

The professional build quality of this stand, allows you transform your tablet into a permanent or semi-permanent kiosk. Great for installation in high traffic areas that are not regularly monitored. Made from high-grade steel and expertly finished to appear as a custom manufactured interactive kiosk. 

The front facia covers the tablets home and interaction buttons, reducing the ability of a use to take control of the tablet beyond its intended use. A cut-out allows the tablets camera to remain useable. 

Brand-able front fascia.

The Ultimate tablet floor stand is designed with a large front area to allow you to skin the kiosk with your company branding. 3M Vinyl wrap allows a complete transformation of it's look to anything you desire.  

Anti Tip-over Protection Stable Base Plate.

The Ultimate tablet floor kiosk is supported with a 10mm thick steel base plate that keeps the enclosure stable when in use and significantly reduces tip-over risk. For permanent installs drill through the plate to secure it to the floor for added security and stability.


Cable Management.

The rear access panel allows cables to be routed from the tablet to the bottom of the stand, hiding them from your customer view. The generous compartment space allows installation of a surge protected power-board and/or a back-up battery. Installation with back-up battery allows long term use without connected to power (back-up battery not included). 


High Grade Steel Construction.

Made from high-grade steel, the tablet stand and face plate are designed to hold up under heavy use. The steel is powder-coated for added durability. 


Security Locked.

Both the tablet and the rear compartment are locked via security keys, making the installation safe from theft or damage.


This product is available to rent from $40 per day. Please contact us for more information. 

Great option to brand for trade shows and events, or for use in building foyers and retail spaces.