Universal Tablet Stand, Cable Lock & Anchor Point Kit


Secure Universal Tablet Holder.

One stand for them all. The BossTab Universal tablet stand is one of the only stands on the market capable of supporting any tablet, from the iPad Mini all they way to the iPad Pro.

Seriously Tough.

Theæstand and accessories are made from high grade steel, with the cable lock and standæfinished off with rubber, ensuring no wear and tear on the tablet.

Mobile Security.

The cable lock is 39" long and allows for the user to pick up and enjoy the tablet, while still keeping it highly secure. The anchor point is one of the strongest on the market and provides enough pulling protection for any situation.

High Versatility.

Both the universal tablet stand and anchor point can be screw or adhesive mounted to any platform. You can also tie the cable lock around a pole or table leg, for a non permanent mobile display.